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Kansas City Lawn Care Decisions

It’s early and we are all biting at the bit to get outside. If you are like me, you are grasping at anything that even remotely looks like its green or growing. This is no doubt why you so anxiously picked up this magazine – looking for .

One important thing with which you can busy yourself right now is deciding how you are going to care for your .

1) Mow and fertilize by yourself.

2) Mow yourself and have your professionally fertilized.

3) Have your professionally mowed and fertilized.

The right option for you is determined by many variables and each option should be considered to decide which would allow you to most enjoy your .

1) Mow and Fertilize yourself. This option is great if you are a tinkerer, one who likes to be out in your several days a week and to be in complete control of each detail. This option allows you the freedom needed to attend to each detail of your . If you have the time and the expertise, this can lead to a wonderful . This option is the cheapest, if you consider your time very cheap. However, even if you consider your free time at a modest amount of $15-20/hr, this option can easily end up being the most expensive of all the options when you consider the time involved. Additionally, the resources available to you are much more limited and expensive than to a professional.

2) Mow yourself and have your professionally fertilized. This option is best for the homeowner who enjoys spending some time in their , but does not have the time available to research and study and the science behind turfgrass maintenance. However, by mowing the on a regular basis you can still take pride in providing the primary care of your . This allows somebody who specializes in turfgrass to do the work that requires the expertise and allows the homeowner to do the hard “work” of mowing.

4) Have your professionally mowed and fertilized. This option is ideal for the person who values their free time very highly. There are several reasons someone might choose to have their professionally maintained. The primary reason is that they work hard at something at which they are experts and would rather spend a small portion of their time doing extra work for which they get paid and pay a care expert to work in their . For instance, one of my customers is a nurse. By simply working two extra hours a week she was able to pay me to take care of all her and flowerbed needs. Yard work usually took her 4 or 5 hours a week, so she gained 3 hours of leisure time a week and her yard looked better than ever thanks to my helpful touch!

It is important to consider the pros and cons for each of these options when you plan how to care for your . The value of time, money and expertise all play into what’s best for you.

If you decide that mowing or fertilizing yourself is the best plan for you, make sure to do your research. There are a multitude of products from which to choose in regards to both fertilizers and controls. When you buy fertilizers, you have to be careful and look past the advertising. I have found that when shopping at the big box stores, the more expensive fertilizers tend to have the cheapest products inside. Oftentimes, you are paying more for the ink on the outside of the bags than the product on the inside. However, if you do your research and know what to look for on the labels you can find quality products.

Research is also necessary when selecting a care company. Just like bags of , you have to look past the flashy advertising and see what is offered. A high quality service starts and ends with the person doing the applications. The person needs to have a large well of knowledge in order to be able to diagnose and pamper your ’s every need. They should be fully licensed and insured and they should readily provide you with references of satisfied customers.

The signs of are there – let them help lead you to the best way to enjoy your !

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