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Aeration Essential for Kansas City Lawns

Look out your window. Do you see the millions of gasping, choking organisms yelling for help? You didn’t do it on purpose, but slowly you have contributed to the painful suffocation of your prized . The incriminating activities have seemed innocent enough; children playing on the , weekly mowing, and diligent fertilization. However, the traffic of people and mowers has compacted the soil and eliminated all of the small spaces found throughout healthy soil. Without these spaces, oxygen has not been able to penetrate into the root system of the . Additionally, the use of chemical fertilizers has dramatically reduced the amount of living microorganisms naturally oxygenating the soil. To verify that your suffers from compaction problems, take the largest flat tipped screwdriver you have and push it into the ground. If it does not go down at least 3” with ease, then your is in serious trouble. Luckily, you don’t have to continue to watch your suffer. You can give it CPR and revive it with core .

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Making Good Lawn Care Choices for Kansas City

The stage has been set for a fantastic year of growing in City. The mildwinter temperatures have been ideal for the fescue and bluegrass in City. have stayed mild and precipitation has been adequate to allow the to grow roots through the . With the right care this and , your could look its best ever. Through my experience, I see certain mistakes repeated each year and regretted by City gardeners.



Managing the fertility of your can be deceptively complex.

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