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Frost Hardiness of Kansas City Plants


Here are some general guidelines for the hardiness of in Gardens


Hardy Tolerant Tender Warm Loving
Asparagus Beet Snap Bean Lima Bean
Collards Broccoli Sweet Corn Cucumber
Endive Brussels Sprouts Tomato Eggplant
Kale Cabbage   Muskmelon
Kohlrabi Carrot   Okra
Lettuce Cauliflower   Pepper
Mustard Celeriac   Pumpkin
Pea Celery   Squash
Potato Chard   Sweet Potato
Rhubarb Onion   Watermelon
Rutabaga Parsnip    
Salsify Radish    


Hardy Tolerant Tender Warm Loving
Corn Flower Black Eyed Susan Aster Ageratum
Ornamental Cabbage Calendula Nicotiana Balsam
Pansy Coreopsis Petunia Begonia
Primrose Dianthus Scabiosa Celosia
Violet Snap Dragon Statice Cosmos
Sweet Pea Sweet Alyssum Impatiens
Torenia Verbena Lobelia

Thank you to the University of Purdue for supplying information needed to create this informative chart.

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Kanas City landscaping about to be hit by major snow – maybe

Will it ?  I’ll leave that up to the experts at NBC Action News.

However, if it does , here is what you need to know for your .

Most will be ok.  We have had a very seasonable march so the that are in bud and coming out of dormancy will be able to handle the cold.  As long as the cold stays above 25 or so.

I do see an exception to some of the fruit in the area.  i have noticed that some of them were beginning to bloom.  These will likely lose some of their blooms.

I would wait to cover any until after it snows.  The wight of the ontop of the covers will likely cause more damage than the temperatures.

Also, there is a risk if we have substantial that with leafed out branches or with blooms could catch enough to hurt cause their limbs to break.  This could true for evergreens as well.

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