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Landscape in Kansas City gets Wedding Make Over

One of the projects I am most excited about this year is the remaking of a new clients complete backyard in Brookside.  These clients called me in April, looking to have the work done by their wedding in May.  In order to get things done in time I knew we would have to work fast to be able to schedule, plan and get everything ready.  Right now, we are on track.

The Plan

The plan was fairly simple and drawn out on the spot since we were going to have to move fast.  Essentially, we will be removing all the existing in the back since they were not part of a cohesive plan.  New beds would be created around the perimeter of the property and then new sod would be installed.



Here are the that we will be using in this project.



The Dirt

Dirt is quite a misnomer.  I don’t use dirt for many of my Projects.  This is 8 yards of pure compost.  Generated organically from a local yard waste recycling center.  It is the single most important thing to the the I not just surviving, but thriving.  This dirt will be spread out and tilled into all bed and new areas.

Kansas City Landscaping Compost Compost in Kansas City Landscape Project


The Removal

A lot of had to be removed before anything else could be accomplished.

Once all the were removed.  This is what it looked like as it filled my trailer! P5090347 There is a lot of material in that trailer !

Moving the Dirt

Here are progress shots as the

compost is trucked around to the back.  Because of the layout of this yard, the dirt could only be moved by wheelbarrow.  10,000 – 12,000 pounds of compost was used for this project.


P5100348 P5100349 P5100350 P5100351 P5100352

That was the stage 1 of the project.  Next, will be the more exciting part of preparing the beds and installing the .

Stay tuned :)

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