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Why do they insist on piling it on?

There has been a near media blitz this year informing City Gardeners.  However while looking at an last week I saw more mulch volcanoes. 

I can fin no excuse that there are professional companies out there who still continue to pile mulch around .  It make me very sad to know that there continues to be companies and residents who are having there ruined by either ignorant or careless .


Overland Park mulch tree ring 


Here you can see the results


Tree ring in Kansas City Landscape 

Notice how the bark has already started to rot away.  The darker color indicated the bark that was dying and ready to peel off.  Additionally, the picture doesn’t show it well.  However there were also multiple insect holes in the bark under the mulch.

Kansas City landscaping shows results of mulch volcanoe

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Kansas City Landscaping Riddled with Webworms








Have you seen webs in your that look similar to this?




Well, you’re not alone.  They have appeared all over this .  The good news is they are relatively harmless tot eh they are in.  They are the protective casings made by caterpillars while they feed on the of the tree.  Although the space where they are feeding will lose its – next season you will not even be able to tell they are there.

They especially like birch, walnut and ash tress in my experience.


Here is a quick video that shows webworms alive in there webs.



Spraying is not necessary.  If they are unsightly – a broom works well to remove them from .

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