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Snow is good for Kansas City’s Lawns and Landscapes

has had a record storm this week. Gary Lezak reports that most areas received between 10 and 14 inches in . Although can be a hassle for traveling and moving around in, it is GREAT for .

Not only does the insulate the crowns from widely swinging temperature extremes, it also will add important moisture applied slowly and evenly.

You can even help your out with extra moisture by choosing where you toss the when shoveling your walks and driveways. By piling it on flower gardens and around you will be giving them extra moisture. However, if you used any kind of or melting product, be very careful as concentrating these in one area could be harmful. Here is a great article on using deicers around your plants.

About the only time can be damaging is if it stays around for weeks and weeks without melting it can cause some disease issues. However, in we rarely see stick around for longer than a week before it melts away.

So enjoy the and rest well knowing that your are well taken care of while you enjoy them from the outside.

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