Kansas City Landscaping and Lawn Care Ideas


Making Good Lawn Care Choices for Kansas City

The stage has been set for a fantastic year of growing in City. The mildwinter temperatures have been ideal for the fescue and bluegrass in City. have stayed mild and precipitation has been adequate to allow the to grow roots through the winter. With the right care this and , your could look its best ever. Through my experience, I see certain mistakes repeated each year and regretted by City gardeners.



Managing the fertility of your can be deceptively complex.

Although slick advertising often tries to convince us that any can be fertilized with the same 4-step program – this is not true. I often am called by customers who have either been buying these programs off the shelves for years or who have hired companies selling a similar canned program to all of their customers. The results are usually less than impressive and result in the disappointing cycle of springtime flush in growth and then diminishing growth resulting in reseeding every fall. This cycle continues year after year. To break this cycle, apply the right nutrients at the right times. This will vary depending the type of you have, the soil conditions and available nutrients shown in a soil test and the micro-climates of your yard. Managing the nutrients in your yard can often be the most difficult thing homeowners do in order to grow and the part best left to professionals.


What would happen to the , and flowers in your if you took a large metal blade and flung it around every week cutting them down to nubs? Would you expect them to flourish? NO, probably not, But we do expect our to flourish under these conditions. And if they are mowed correctly, they will. However, the cycle I so often see is homeowners cutting their too short and infrequently during the flush of growth. This severely weakens the and makes it unable to survive the impending stress of the . A healthy MUST be mowed frequently to avoid removing more than 1/3 of the blade in any one mowing. Following this rule and mowing at the maximum height for your species is the most important thing you can do in helping your look its best.


The biggest mistake I see in is a result of caring too much. City’s most proud gardeners, with their spirits blinded by the glory of our lush , begin their religiously. Convincing themselves that if they can get their green enough now – they will stay green through the . Unfortunately, every ounce of excess they throw on the in the early is deadly. If the soil in the is not allowed to dry between , the roots of the grow very shallow, encouraged by the ample and warmth at the surface. However, City’s glorious is only the opening act to our reliable, but dastardly summers. Shallow roots are a death sentence to your . By only when the top 6” of soil have dried out, you will be dispensing some tough love that will reward you and your with being able to survive the .

Avoid these common mistakes and you will have a head start on another great year of beautiful in City.

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