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Kansas City gardeners should not have to deal with inferior Garden Hoses!


Landscapes Need Water! – Use a Good Hose


One of the things I have noticed in spending a lot of time renovating landscapes around Kansas City this summer is that homeowners have terrible hoses.  Most probably don’t realize what they are missing by using these inferior watering devices!


Here are some tips:

Spend money on  hose that will last

A $10 hose from Wal Mart will work well for a year or so then you will be replacing it.  A $70 hose will work better from day one and will last a lifetime. The money you are spending on hoses provides several very real benefits.  Thicker rubber for less kinks and better usability, strong solid brass fitting for easy on and off attaching, and a good outer covering.  This si one place where spending money almost always means a better products.  (except for gimmick hoses – read further)

Size Matters

Hoses generally come in diameters range from 3/8, to 1 inch. The smaller the diameter, the less water the hose will deliver in a given period, and the difference can be significant. For instance, at 50 psi (average household water pressure), a 3/4" hose delivers 3.5 gallons in 10 seconds, while a 1/2" hose delivers one and a third gallons in the same time.You want as much water to be delivered as possible.  You can always turn it down at the faucet.  Buy 3/4”


When it comes to length you want one long enough to reach as far as you need – but not any longer.  Since the water has to travel through the entire length of the hose no mater where you are watering, a hose that’s too long just adds weight for you and diminishes the water flow through the hose.  A good idea is measure from your hose spigot to the farthest place your hose will need to reach and then round up to either 25, 50, 0r 75 feet.


Couplings are Important

The better hoses will have large solid brass fittings that turn easily and are easy to turn on and off.   This will dramatically reduce the frustration that goes along with inferior quality hoses.

Accessories make all the Difference

We’re talking manifolds, sprayers, and sprinklers.  These also follow the same adage as above.  More money almost always means better quality.  Don’t buy cheap plastic wands instead buy high quality rugged sprayers.  My favorite nozzle is this one.


Its sturdy, strong and simple.  By turning the end you have a full range of watering patterns from stream to spray.


I use these on nearly every faucet I use.  They are great for attaching multiple hoses to one faucet.  Make sure and buy the solid brass ones – plastic will break almost immediately.



These are nice to have at the end of your hose so you can turn off the hose switch ends without going back to the faucet to turn off and then back on. 

Gilmour Brass Garden Hose Connector With Shut-Off Valve 03V

The Cart Before the Hose

This is one place I have not found a  great solution.  Hose carts and Hose reels are important because they make using a hose easier and keeps the inevitable tangles from making hose use frustrating.  However, I have found very few that are strong enough to last.  Please leave a comment and let me know if you have found a hose reel that was strong and easy to work. 


The bottom line.

Buy a high quality 3/4” hose with all brass coupling and then add some high quality accessories and the garden chores where a hose is need will seem less tedious!  …and your landscaper will appreciate you even more for it!

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