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Kansas City Landscaping about to Freeze

City will soon be hitting the deep freeze.   Well, maybe not the deep freeze.  However even with temperatures reaching down into upper 20′s — it is important to have all the information necessary.

First of all this is not at all like the freeze of 2007 — although the dates are not that different.  The difference lies in the of March.  In 2007, ’s was unseasonably warm.  were a good 3 – 4 weeks ahead of normal development.  Last year I already had Iris blooms poking up in my yard.  This year, I barely have coming through last falls .  Freezing temperatures this weekend will only be a slight problem for and homeowners in .

Different will need different amounts of care this weekend.


Most perennials will be fine as long as the temperature stays above 20 degrees.  However, if you are the type of person who like to err on the side of caution then covering the with a  bed sheet.   If you use plastic then you must make sure to support the plastic off the or blooms and will still be damaged.

There is no practical way to protect a  tree from the effects of the freezing air.  All those pretty that bloomed this week will be turned to mush if the temperature gets below freezing.  However, no permanent damage will be done.  This is a common problem with most magnolia in our area.  Sweetbay are on tree that rarely has problems because of it late blooming.

If you have any that are blooming or who have tender new growth then they should be covered with a sheet to protect the new tender foliage.  If you do nothing then you will likely see some dieback of the new foliage – but no lasting damage.    If you have that almost ready to bloom, you may lose this year’s blooms if they are not protected.


If you got an early start on some of your vegetable you will need to protect them unless they are spinach or lettuce.  Construct a sturdy frame over the rows and then lay a sheet over each row.  Secure the sheet to the ground to prevent wind from moving or disturbing the sheet.

With a little extra care you will can make sure that this upcoming freeze will not delay the beauty of the your .

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5 Responses to “Kansas City Landscaping about to Freeze”

  1. Audra Says:

    Do I need to put sheets over my hydrangeas? Very few have begun to leaf out, so they are weeks behind last year. I just don’t want to lose all my blooms for the new season like last year. Any advice would be mucho appreciated.

  2. Jeff Hamons Says:

    I would cover them up if they are important to you – no harm done. Do you know what type of Hydrangeas they are? If they are “old” Hydrangeas then they probably bloom on last years wood – so covering them would be more important. If they are newer they might be one of the more modern varieties that bloom on old and new wood. However, if it get down in the 20′s tonight — those could be effected as well.

  3. John Says:

    I planted grass seed last weekend and covered with a light layer of peat, but it hasn’t come up yet. How will the freeze effect it?

  4. Mary Says:

    I am wondering about my peonies with this freeze. They are about 12 to 15″ tall. Will the freeze damage them?

  5. Jeff Hamons Says:


    Your grass seed will be safe. Actually, the freezing and thawing will help the natural germination process. Some of the new grass that has already come up — mostly rye — could have a problem if the freeze and thaw push the tender seedlings out of the ground. However, your future lawn will be just fine.


    Peonies are quite frost hardy and I imagine they would be just fine without covering them at all.

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