Kansas City Landscaping and Lawn Care Ideas


Leaves falling on Kansas City Lawns

A gift has been bequeathed to you. As part of this gift, each homeowner in City will be given over 200 pounds of this miracle product –guaranteed to revitalize your soil, allow it to store more moisture, improve soil structure and provide high grade . The gift will fall from above and scatter itself over your . Many of your neighbors will even freely share with you – some even purposely blowing this gift into your yard.

If you haven’t yet figured it out, this gift is the from .

Leaves in Overland Park Lawn

The sad thing is hundreds of people will throw this gift out. Collect it, bag it and put it on the curb.

Instead of raking and bagging those bulky , save yourself some time and put them to good use as a natural mulch and soil amendment from your .

I suggest two ways of utilizing this gift for your based on your personality type. To determine your personality type, consider the cast of the popular TV sitcom Friends’. If your personality type mirrors the character of Monica, you are Type A. If you are more closely aligned with Joey, then you are type B. If you do not know what the show Friends is, you can assume you are Type A.

The Monica Personalities

Since you are very concerned with every detail of your , the best way for you to use your is by regularly mowing your with the bag attached. Use a mower with a bag attachment to quickly gather your and shred them into mulch. This will vacuum and clean your as well as shred the at the same time. These shredded are more valuable than gold for all the in your . They can be piled in vegetable gardens to be tilled in later or they can be added as mulch in perennial gardens. Then spread these up to 12" deep in your gardens. Mulching with conserves moisture, controls weeds and grasses, protects against extreme heat and cold, and prevents soil erosion. Additionally, they can be composted in a compost pile to be used later.

The Joey Personalities

As a Type B personality you are focused on long term results of your . You are willing to deal with a little bit of shredded leaf clutter on the knowing that in the long run your will look better and be healthier. Mow your with a mulching mower regularly. The mulching mower will shred the into fine particles which will filter down through the blades of onto your where they will disappear and benefit the soil. With regular mulch mowing, many homeowners would never have to rake their as an acre of can recycle the of 60 .

Either of these methods is paramount to the old standby of raking and trashing your . By raking and trashing you are adding immense amounts of waste to our landfills and depriving your of necessary nutrients and organic matter. But more importantly, at least to all of us TYPE B’s in the world; it is a whole lot less work! There is only one reason I can see where raking is ever necessary. If you have small children, it is imperative that you rake the largest pile of you can possibly assemble in the middle of the yard. Then, spend at least 3 hours jumping in and redistributing them all over your yard before mowing them by one of the methods mentioned above.

Enjoy the gifts that fall from the sky this autumn and make sure you fully utilize them to make your more healthy and lush.

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