Kansas City Landscaping and Lawn Care Ideas


Why do they insist on piling it on?

There has been a near media blitz this year informing City Gardeners.  However while looking at an last week I saw more mulch volcanoes. 

I can fin no excuse that there are professional companies out there who still continue to pile mulch around .  It make me very sad to know that there continues to be companies and residents who are having there ruined by either ignorant or careless .


Overland Park mulch tree ring 


Here you can see the results


Tree ring in Kansas City Landscape 

Notice how the bark has already started to rot away.  The darker color indicated the bark that was dying and ready to peel off.  Additionally, the picture doesn’t show it well.  However there were also multiple insect holes in the bark under the mulch.

Kansas City landscaping shows results of mulch volcanoe


A Gradual Start to Spring for Kansas City Landscaping

This year, has seen a that was more gradual than in past years.  This has been good for the and in .  Consistently cool temperatures with only rare and short warm-up have allowed us to gradually slip into Spring and avoid the landscaping pitfalls of moving too fast.  like slow springs because very few plants have been hurt by April freezes this year and although it has been fairly dry the plants have faired well.  However, gradual will soon give way to rapid growth as soon as we get some heat.  Mowing will soon be the most common weekend chore for most City homeowners. 

Blue and Fescue lawns have thrived in this slightly cooler temperature.  They have been growing laterally and down for the last several weeks.  The imminent heat will spur rapid upward growth – we will soon be mowing VERY often!

One of the negatives of this low soil temperature ahs been for any new spring lawn seeding.  The grass has not grown much at all if any.  That is again due to cooler than normal soil temps.  This may not be a great thing for Spring seeded lawns since it simply will not have the time needed to grow before heat sets in.  However, if my inside sources at NBC Action News are accurate, we may have a cooler than normal which would be good for all of Kansas City’s lawns. 


Simple but Elegant Rain Garden Project in Kansas City

Kansas City Rain Garden

can be a great way to solve problems in City.  can use them to effectively deal with that have been plaguing homeowners for years and are often  better solution than simply sending the further down the hill to the neighbors yard.

Here is a concept rendering for a I will be installing soon in a customer’s .  I will chronicle this build and update the with its progress including before and after shots.

If you have any questions about gardens please be sure to leave a comment and I would be happy to share what I know,.


Kansas City Landscaping get ready for Heat

It is time for City to prepare for the heat.  forecasts are showing that will soon be hitting 90 degrees for the first time this year.  This tends to be a  tipping point for the and .

You can help your and care service by taking care of your lawns needs.

New or

new trees or plants when the top 3″ of the soil dries out completely.  the plants slowly and deeply allowing the entire root system to become soaked.  larger plants take more time.

This is very important.  You cannot give a time to water because every soil will absorb water at a different rate.  The goal is to water the plants entire root system and then let the entire roots ystem dry out just before adding new water.


Lawns should be water with 1″ of water per week.  This is best done with one long slow watering if your soil will absorb that much water.  Most Kansas City lawns will do just fine with one long .  Depending on the type of sprinkler being used — This may require up to 1 hour of watering.  It is best to measure the water rather than guessing.  I use a straight sided margarine tub placed int he middle of the sprinklers path to tell.

Watering is an essential part of maintaining your landscapes.   It does not have to be difficult but it does have to be consistent and done correctly.  If you have any watering questions feel free to leave a comment to this post and I would be happy o help you out.


Kansas City Landscapers Dream

This has been a in City’s dream.  All the are doing well with mild temps and ample .  The only negative so far has been that all the has made it nearly impossible to do or work.  It is just been too wet.

As Charles Dickens would have said “It has been the Best of Springs – It has been the Worst of Springs”


Kansas City Landscaping about to Freeze

in will soon be hitting the deep freeze.   Well, maybe not the deep freeze.  However even with temperatures reaching down into upper 20′s — it is important to have all the information necessary.

First of all this is not at all like the freeze of 2007 — although the dates are not that different.  The difference lies in the of March.  In 2007, City’s was unseasonably warm.  were a good 3 – 4 weeks ahead of normal development.  Last year I already had Iris blooms poking up in my yard.  This year, I barely have coming through last falls .  Freezing temperatures this weekend will only be a slight problem for and homeowners in Kansas City.

Different plants will need different amounts of care this weekend.

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