Turf Maintenance

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Lawn Maintenance

Having Hamons Custom Landscaping maintain your lawn gives you more than just a well mowed lawn, it gives you a lawn that is ideally maintained with no effort from you. We only have one level of service when it comes to maintenance — the best. Your lawn will be maintained to maximize the health of your lawn producing a lush green carpet of grass. In addition to weekly mowing, all hard surfaces will be edged with a stick edger to give clean crisp lines. The finishing touch is all walks, patios and porches will be blown off to ensure your property is left clean and ready to enjoy.

Fertilization and Weed Control

Caring for lawns in Kansas City requires skill, knowledge and experience, as well as reliable, regular attention. Jeff has made it his passion to figure out exactly how to grow the lush gorgeous lawns that you have always envied. It starts with a soil test. Without a soil test, we’re only guessing what your lawn needs. Based on the soil test, the correct nutrients are applied. Hamons Custom Landscaping uses an ORGANIC based nutrient program for your lawn using quality OMRI certified products to provide the majority of your turf nutrients. These products release complex micro-nutrients in addition to the necessary Nitrogen, Phosphorous and Potassium slowly and continuously throughout the season rather than in big spurts which cause uneeded, unhealthy and bothersome growth spurts. Our standard program, outlined below, requires 4 separate visits to your lawn.


A low-nitrogen, nutrient rich, fertilizer is applied to your lawn to maximize color without adding to the growth spurts in your lawn typical this type of year. New customers will receive a pre-emergent application to prevent grassy weeds. All weeds will be spot sprayed as needed. A slow release fertilizer designed to prepare your lawn for the upcoming stress of Kansas City’s summers. Spot treatment for broadleaf weeds and nutsedge as needed.

The most important application of the year. Your lawn needs food now — and lots of it. It has survived the difficult and stressful summer and it is now ready to feast. Our program provides your lawn with all of the nutrients your lawn can handle during this application using safe organic based products. Spot treatment for broadleaf weeds and nutsedge as needed.

Late Fall

In the late fall your lawn is still hungry. By feeding it the right mix of nutrients now, you are setting it up for a great looking spring. In addition, existing customers receive their preemergent now. By using a highly-effective, premium formulation, your lawn will be protected for the entire next season.


Many lawns have compacted soil, which restricts water and air movement. Annual core aeration removes plugs to break through compacted soil to prevent thatch layers from growing and choking out the lawn. Aeration is one of the best "extras" you can do to maintain high quality, healthy turf. Aeration provides many benefits including: Helping roots penetrate deeper into the soil. Opening compact soil allowing more water and oxygen to get to plant roots. Making fertilization more efficient, speeding thatch decomposition.


Seeding is the quickest and most dramatic way to enhance the look of your lawn. Hamons Custom Landscaping takes great pride in producing great lawns. We have developed a seeding process that ensures your lawn will look its best whether we are simply overseeding to strengthen an existing lawn or renovating the entire lawn to start fresh.

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